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Use cases

Visual Recognition

Identifying objects located on a picture or on a video thanks to Artificial Intelligence powered solution. The FORNAX Visual Recognition Tool is also capable of providing metadata that enables intelligent analytics and can effectively highlight objects on pictures.


      Tracking people - analyzing flow in shopping malls, working places, public spaces; measuring queues; detecting anomalies - dangerous behaviour, accidents...
      Behaviour analysis - recognizing emotions based on facial expressions; detection of eye movement - where the clients are looking, what attracts them...
      Objects detection and classification - brand and price recognition, product classification, satellite images analysis - detection of different types of terrain, houses, streets, gardens...

Predictive Platforms

Releasing potential of historical data to predict the future. Processing huge data sets in a very short time and conducting data science intelligently. FORNAX Predictive Platform is a Big Data analytics solution based on our original algorithms.


      Market recommendations - personalized and targeted marketing based on tracking consumer insights, customers' age segmentation, recommendations based on prediction, demand planning and forecasting...
      Predictive maintenance - preventing equipment failure by performing proactive maintenance, detecting anomalies based on patterns...
      Network security - threat detection based on prediction, automatized diagnosis...

Natural Language Processing

Ability to understand human language thanks to artificial intelligence. FORNAX Natural Language Processing solution solves major computational linguistics problems, which can be incorporated into applications with human language technology needs.


      Correspondence support - measuring call performance by performing speech recognition and sentiment analysis, studying how customers are responding to a specific campaign, creating intelligent chatbots and cognitive assistants...
      Text managing - mapping data elements present in unstructed text into structured fields in order to improve data integrity, summarizing lengthy blocks of narrative text, such as an academic journal article, by identifying key concepts or phrases present in the source material...


Headquartered in Cracow (Poland), Fornax operates as an independent consulting company in the field of Machine Learning, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. We are a team of Data Science experts and Machine Learning engineers that brings you a deep expertise in areas of Visual Recognition and Predictive Algorithms. In 4 years of its activity Fornax became a reputed company with world class engineers and PhDs, working for variety of clients. Our client portfolio ranges from blue chip companies to dynamic local enterprises.

We specialize in customized and personalized end-to-end solutions. Fornax does not intend to sell you hours of business consulting. Instead, we propose to deliver you the state-of-the-art technology that solves your problem or brings competitive advantage to your company.

What is meant to be for everyone does not work for anyone.

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